Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Shaun - the one wearing a hat.

I took my first career break and stepped into World of Away right after I graduated college. Since then I’ve backpacked alone through Mexico and Guatemala, spent 9 months traveling with my fiancé through southeast Asia and the Middle East, taken two 18-month deep dives into raising babies, teaching them to walk and talk, and lived in New Zealand for a year with my family. I don’t always leave home when I step into World of Away, but I always take a break from what I regularly do.

And you can do this, too. I’m here to help you…every step of the way. Each week we’ll plan and organize your career break so that in about a year, maybe less, you're ready for World of Away.

You can start with Week 1 and work your way through each episode.

Or you can pick and choose what best fits the career break you have in mind.