World of Away in 365 Days

A weekly podcast about how to schedule a career break

World of Away in 365 Days

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Dec. 25, 2020

Week 52: Bon Voyage

If you are about to begin your career break in the coming year I want to wish you a heartfelt Congratulations! And I encourage you to savor this moment. For those of you who've been listening and cheering from the sidelines,…
Dec. 19, 2020

Week 51: Intrepid is as intrepid does

Sometimes we rely on our surroundings to find our bearings, but don't allow your doubts or nerves or the expectations and concerns of others to pull you off course. As you're getting ready to step into World of Away, stand t…
Dec. 12, 2020

Week 50: Pack and Play

This week you roll up life as you know it and clear a path for your career break. For some that means packing things up and for others it may mean letting go to make room for something new. Some packing lists to get you star…
Dec. 4, 2020

Week 49: Kind Words of Farewell

Not everyone is comfortable with goodbye, and when it’s time to leave for your career break you might be tempted to just quietly slip away. But none of us can reach World of Away alone, and farewelling provides an important …
Nov. 27, 2020

Week 48: On a Need to Know Basis

This week you make sure folks know what to do when you're not there to do it. Previous World of Away in 365 Days podcast episodes referenced in this week's podcast: Week 16 - All About That Base, No Travel Week 17 - Your Hom…
Nov. 21, 2020

Week 47: What to expect when you're expecting

This week you update everybody's expectations, including your own.

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Nothing fuels doubt about your ability to take a career break like financial concerns and questions. To build momentum you want to confidently say, “Yes, I can afford this.” Dollars and cents are just one way to describe where you are …

Can Six Words Say It All?

“I wanna see the Great Wall!” These six words got me all the way there!!! (… and a tourist visa, applied for WELL in advance) Plotting your story, even just a few key ideas, helps you see where you’re going, which really h…

So Much To Do, and You've Got the Time

My challenge during a career break is not finding things I want to do but creating a list that I’m likely to accomplish in the time I have available. I’ve been comparing that list to my companion’s, my dear husband, Benjamin, becau…