Feb. 2, 2021

Can Six Words Say It All?

Can Six Words Say It All?

“I wanna see the Great Wall!”

These six words got me all the way there!!! (… and a tourist visa, applied for WELL in advance)

Plotting your story, even just a few key ideas, helps you see where you’re going, which really helps you get there!

TIP: If you want to travel to China, consider a 10-year multiple-entry visa. For US and Canadian citizens, it’s the same price as single entry! Keep fees down by applying for visa in your home country.

But travel plans like these are still in the future…

Right now, as you design your career break, your World of Away, jot down a quick story about the what, where, when and how-ISH of your vision.

Can six words sum it up?

It’s just an experiment…

Put your goals and the places you want to see, one-by-one, into your World of Away, to bring it into focus.

You can do this by answering where, what, when and how they fit together.

Keep it simple.

Try just six words…you game?

Here are some of my plans…

Where am I going?

       Starting at home, but traveling, too.

What am I doing?

       Learning French and writing fiction, poetry.

       Quebec trek, perchance France, Cote d’Ivoire?

When am I going?

       Begin summer ‘22, maybe you, too? (sun)


       Saving by not caving to cravings.

       World of Away in 365 Days

       To help guide the way today.

You got six words to drop?

I am all ears, my dears.

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Be well and thanks for reading!