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Week 52: Bon Voyage

Dec. 25, 2020

If you are about to begin your career break in the coming year I want to wish you a heartfelt Congratulations! And I encourage you to savor this moment. For those of you who've been listening and cheering from the sidelines,…

Managing Your Mindset

Week 51: Intrepid is as intrepid does

Dec. 19, 2020

Sometimes we rely on our surroundings to find our bearings, but don't allow your doubts or nerves or the expectations and concerns of others to pull you off course. As you're getting ready to step into World of Away, stand t…

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Week 50: Pack and Play

Dec. 12, 2020

This week you roll up life as you know it and clear a path for your career break. For some that means packing things up and for others it may mean letting go to make room for something new. Some packing lists to get you star…

Managing Your Mindset Meeting Your Goals How To Leave So You'Ll Be Welcomed Back

Week 47: What to expect when you're expecting

Nov. 21, 2020

This week you update everybody's expectations, including your own.

Career Breaking Together Travel Planning Meeting Your Goals Managing Your Mindset Building Community

Week 45: Unlocking Conflict

Nov. 6, 2020

This week we talk with Catherine Morrison, executive coach, consultant, and law professor specializing in conflict management and negotiation who has taught at Johns Hopkins University and Penn State University. Catherine is…

Managing Your Mindset Travel Planning Meeting Your Goals

Week 44: Reasonable Doubt

Oct. 30, 2020

This week we talk with Dr. Kerrie Smedley about the reasonable doubt you may have after you've decided to take a career break and how to feel at ease about your commitment to World of Away. Here are some additional resources…

Managing Your Mindset

Week 43: Playtime

Oct. 24, 2020

How can you playfully approach the things you have yet to do for World of Away?

Managing Your Mindset Travel Planning How To Leave So You'Ll Be Welcomed Back Meeting Your Goals Building Community

Week 41: With a Little Help From My Friends

Oct. 9, 2020

This week you accept and request a little help from your friends. Virtual Assistants or On-Demand Task Help: Task Rabbit People Per Hour UpWork Coworking and Coaching: Focusmate Regus WeWork

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Week 39: Back to the Future - Taking a slice of your retirement pie

Sept. 26, 2020

What if you could reorganize time and reach into the future to steal a few of your treasured retirement days to spend on a career break now? Would you do that? Because you know you can, and you won't even get caught.

Managing Your Mindset

Week 38: A meditation on well-being

Sept. 18, 2020

This week we meet Dr. Terrah Keck-Kester and discuss stress and burnout and explore some ways to relight your fire. UMass Center for Mindfulness - website and minfulness resources, books, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reducti…

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Week 37: Seeing is Believing - Some Strategies to Help you Stay Faithful to Your World of Away

Sept. 11, 2020

This week we consider how to maintain the mindset you need to reach World of Away. Hidden Brain You 2.0: The Mind's Eye Clearer, Closer, Better : How Successful People See the World by Emily Balcetis And you can leave Shaun …

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Week 34: The Debate

Aug. 22, 2020

This week we tackle the great debate best summarized in the immortal words of The Clash: should I stay or should I go?

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Week 32: Point of Departure

Aug. 8, 2020

This week you decide what will be your last day at work before your career break begins and what projects you'll aim to finish up before you bid your colleagues adieu.

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Week 29: Action plans that secure your World of Away

July 18, 2020

Having the right action plan helps shield and protect your career break from events beyond your control that could interrupt or even cancel World of Away. Travel Insurance World Nomads SafetyWing

Managing Your Mindset Travel Planning Meeting Your Goals

Week 27: Trial runs

July 3, 2020

This week it's time for some unscripted movement as you continue working on your tasks. Set aside a few hours to try out experiences you've planned for World of Away, just so you can feel what's like.