Meeting Your Goals Episodes

July 3, 2020

Week 27: Trial runs

This week it's time for some unscripted movement as you continue working on your tasks. Set aside a few hours to try out experiences you've planned for World of Away, just so you can feel what's like.
June 27, 2020

Week 26: Things to anticipate as you finalize your travel plans for World of Away

You're officially half way there! And for all of you taking your World of Away or some part of the experience out of your home community and into the larger world, now is the time to start putting your travel arrangements in…
June 19, 2020

Week 25: Juggling all the jobs to do to get ready for World of Away

As you ease into the second half of this trek towards your World of Away, you'll be doing more and planning less. We look at strategies to help focus on completing the little jobs that are imporant for your career break, whi…
June 13, 2020

Week 24: Making the ordinary a bit more extraordinary in World of Away

It is time to give some thought to the daily chores and errands you'll be doing during your career break because these every day tasks are what hold the rest of life together, but they can be easy to overlook, even if you're…
June 5, 2020

Week 23: Learning some new moves while you're in World of Away

This week you choreograph the knowledge and skills you want to learn during your career break.
May 29, 2020

Week 22: The Company You Keep in World of Away

This week you consider who you want to visit you while you're in World of Away.
May 22, 2020

Week 21: Staying Healthy in World of Away

This week you take a look at ways to stay healthy while you're doing what you have planned for World of Away.
May 16, 2020

Week 20: Key Ingredients for your World of Away

This week we take a look at how you have arranged your goals, itinerary, finances, network, and housing for World of Away.
May 1, 2020

Week 18: How to prepare for World of Away so you can leave your cares behind

This week we continue our series exploring living arrangements in World of Away and look at how to set things up in a world away from where you are now. Some resources to help you prepare your household for your departure to…
April 3, 2020

Week 14: Career break as an opportunity to transition into the next phase of your career

Today we talk with a mid-career IT professional who has already had one career break and is in the process of planning her next one.
March 27, 2020

Week 13: What is an academic sabbatical and how do you fit it into your career?

This week we talk with an Academy insider, a tenured professor who serves on a University sabbatical review committee and has taken several career breaks of his own.
March 13, 2020

Week 11: Hit Pause...Take a Break

It can be hard to predict how your professional peers will react to your career break plans so before you initiate a formal conversation at work, we review some options for how to configure your break within the context of y…
Feb. 28, 2020

Week 9: Build Demand for Your World of Away

Energize your desire to go to World of Away into a demand to make the experience happen. If you want some ideas for designing your World of Away here are some links to companies and organizations that sponsor extended travel…
Feb. 21, 2020

Week 8: Fitting Your World of Away Finances Together

This week you pull together the financial pieces you have been developing in Weeks 5 thru 7 and you assemble your World of Away budget.
Feb. 14, 2020

Week 7: What path will lead you to and through World of Away?

This week you consider how travel will facilitate and contribute to World of Away and you incorporate this final piece into the budget you've been assembling these past few weeks. Some companies to consider to help schedule …