Travel Planning Episodes

May 29, 2020

Week 22: The Company You Keep in World of Away

This week you consider who you want to visit you while you're in World of Away.
May 22, 2020

Week 21: Staying Healthy in World of Away

This week you take a look at ways to stay healthy while you're doing what you have planned for World of Away.
May 1, 2020

Week 18: How to prepare for World of Away so you can leave your cares behind

This week we continue our series exploring living arrangements in World of Away and look at how to set things up in a world away from where you are now. Some resources to help you prepare your household for your departure to…
April 25, 2020

Week 17: Your home as hub for your World of Away expeditions

This week we continue with part 2 of a 3-part series exploring how you will be living in World of Away by taking a look at how to use your home as a hub so you can reach the full extent of your World of Away.
Feb. 14, 2020

Week 7: What path will lead you to and through World of Away?

This week you consider how travel will facilitate and contribute to World of Away and you incorporate this final piece into the budget you've been assembling these past few weeks. Some companies to consider to help schedule …
Jan. 17, 2020

Week 3: Where on Earth and when will you be in World of Away?

This week, we gather up those lists of goals and activities you tabulated last week and use them to help guide your selection of where to place your World of Away.