Jan. 17, 2021

Just like you, I'm taking things week by week

Just like you, I'm taking things week by week

So, Season 1 has wrapped up with about 10 hours of stories and recommendations to help you plan your career break. It unfolds at a week-by-week pace, but you can access the content whenever you’re ready for the next piece, and you’re welcome to listen again any time.

This blog kicks off my efforts at organizing my next career break. Yep, I have already signed off on my promise to go to World of Away and it’s currently scheduled to begin about July 2022. This week I’ve been talking with my sweetie, Benjamin, about what we each have in mind for this next odyssey.

We’re planning to combine time at home with travel. Typically, we're either at home or traveling for the duration, so this is a new style for us. And believe it or not, you can enjoy World of Away at home (listen to Week 16 for details).

One reason we’re excited about this new approach is that we want to stay close to family! Even though we’re new empty-nesters, things change quick as kids navigate through these college years and early career. Also, my parents recently relocated to our neck of the woods and we love their company! So, we don’t want to stay away for too long.

Another highlight for this career break is house sitting and we’re trying out both parts of the experience. We want to explore house sitting assignments both to help lower our travel costs, and bring a more intimate experience to the destinations. We'll also be requesting house sitters who can keep an eye on our home and four-legged friends while we’re away (for more details check out Week 35).

Stay tuned each week to see how I get World of Away 2022 organized, and subscribe to our monthly newsletter if you want stay current with tips and strategies to help you plan your career break. If you’d enjoy a closer look at photos and stories related to the blog and podcast, find us on Instagram @world.of.away.

Be well and thanks for reading!