Season 1

Meeting Your Goals Managing Your Mindset

Week 2: Whacha Wanna Do?

Jan. 10, 2020

This week you begin writing down your ideas for World of Away - the exciting, scary and even the crazy ones - write them ALL down. Or take dictation, create photographs, paint pictures, record videos. Use whatever idea gener…

Managing Your Mindset Meeting Your Goals

Week 1: A Place of Promise

Jan. 3, 2020

This week listeners shore up their determination for taking a career break, going to World of Away, by making a promise that they really will do it, including writing it down and signing it. It may feel a little odd to write…

World of Away in 365 Days - Trailer

Jan. 3, 2020

World of Away in 365 Days is a podcast that presents a fun and simple weekly schedule to help you design a rewarding career break adventure. It’s for folks who want the experience of a lifetime, but don’t know how to make it…